Note: this is a pre-order of the 2 kW turbine. Right now we do not have the design finished. By pre-ordering this turbine, you are added to a list of people that want to buy this turbine. You will be notified when it is available and you will be the first to be able to buy the turbine. Pre-ordering is free. The price of the turbine package will be communicated when the design is finished. 


This 2 kW turbine will supply you with plenty of energy to power your home and more. It is right for you if you have an electricity use of around 12,000 kWh/year or if you want to sell electricity back to the grid.


The package includes:

- The turbine

- Electronics to connect to your home. Please select whether you will use it on or off grid, so we can send you the right electronics.

- Trash rack to prevent large debris from entering the basin

- Connectivity through a 4G or Ethernet connection, so you can always see the status of the turbine

- Installation manual to instruct your contractor during the installation

- Technical Drawings on how to make the spiral casing


Not included:

- Materials for the casing, the bricks and mortar to make the casing. You need to arrange this with you contractor

- Cables as the length is higly dependent on how far your house is from the river. Your contractor can supply these

- Batteries If you want to make an off the grid system, you have to supply your own batteries

Pre-Order 2 kW Turbine

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