The full process of installing a turbine is stated here. First, you have to consider whether it is worth your time. You can get an idea of the potential of your river, the suitable turbine size (and thus costs), and the approximate payback time here. The turbines are an upfront investment, but they earn themselves back in the long term. You will start producing your own clean electricity, limiting the impact on the environment. Decide for yourself whether this is something you want to invest in.


When you are interested, contact one of the Turbulent Certified contractors that is close to you. You can find a map of the contractors here. The contractor will guide you through the process. If there is no contractor near you or you are a contractor that is interested in installing Turbulent turbines, let us know. Right now we are still developing the network of Turbulent Certified contractors. 

Quotes & Permits

Once you have found a contractor, he/she will do a feasibility study of your site and give a quote of what it will cost to install the turbine. We recommend asking multiple contractors for quotes, to get the best option. Your contractor will do the permitting process. In most regions, you need a permit to build the structure, a permit to use the water, and proof that the installation is not damaging to local ecosystems. 


When the permits are in place, your contractor can order the turbine from us. Right now you can only pre-order, as the turbine is still in development. You are added to a list of people that are interested and will be the first to get the turbine when it is ready. Together with your contractor, you decide where to deliver the turbine. Either at your house or at the contractor.


The contractor will do the installation following the installation manual and commission the installation when it is done. Then, you can start producing clean energy :) You can monitor your production in an app. 


Your contractor will propose a maintenance schedule. This consists usually of small things such as oil changes, etc. Sometimes, you will need to clean the trash rack, for example during autumn when there are a lot of leaves in the water.


At the end of its functioning life (usually 30 years), the turbine has some value in materials left. Contact your local recycling company to have them pick up the old turbine. The basin can be re-used to install a new turbine.